Partnering with a Specialist, Not a Staffing Company


A Fortune 500 healthcare organization managed their pre-identified (proven, client-identified) temporary talent/workers and referred temporary talent/workers through a staffing company for several years. The contingent labor program consisted of over 200 W-2 resources, a growing independent contractor population and $15 million in labor spend. While their staffing provider did offer a reduced, “referred” rate for pre-identified talent resources, it was still too costly.


By using us as their Employer of Record (EOR), the client was able to significantly reduce their Employer of Record service charges.

While staffing agencies provide companies with resources to augment their employment needs, many agencies struggle to efficiently manage their clients’ pre-identified contingent labor talent. Staffing agencies maintain much more overhead in order to support their core business of sourcing new candidates.

On the other hand, our company structure is designed specifically for this situation—when companies pre-identify their own talent. We’ve built an efficient operational model that allows us to provide an Employer of Record platform to our clients at a highly competitive rate. For this service, staffing companies are unable to sustain business at the price point that we offer.


  • Onboarded the client's entire population of 200 W-2 resources in 10 business days
  • Handled sudden fluctuations in client's contingent labor workforce
  • Saved roughly $1.2 million in annual expenses

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