Fueling Savings with a Flawless Approach to Implementation


A top-10 gas and electric company, which services power grids across the U.S., needed to reduce their contingent labor costs and quickly revamp their onboarding of W-2 workers and 1099 independent contractors without disrupting daily operations.


The client turned to Vendorpass to process and manage its W-2 and independent contractor population and make the onboarding and transition processes move efficiently, without interruptions.

We conducted two on-site implementations to onboard all contingent labor resources. To ensure that personnel who work in the field were properly vetted, the implementation team contacted them directly to schedule meetings that accommodated their shifts. From there, we carefully guided them through the entire onboarding process. Today, a dedicated account manager oversees the program.


  • Full implementation of program completed ahead of schedule
  • Zero interruptions to daily business operations
  • Major cost and time savings thanks to streamlined processes

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