Agency of Record (AOR) Services

Compliance through proper worker classification is the heart of our Agency of Record services. In fact, our Independent Contractor Evaluation and Compliance (ICEC) process offers full client indemnification of misclassification risks—meaning you can rest easy and focus on daily operations. And that's not all. You can also use our staffing vendor consolidation model to help streamline your contingent labor program.

Benefits you'll get from our Agency of Record services:

  • 100% worker classification compliance
  • Indemnification of misclassification risks
  • Adherence to all state and IRS standards
  • Ability to focus on day-to-day business
  • Pleased contractors thanks to advanced payment
  • Better, cost-effective management of non-preferred staffing suppliers

Independent Contractor Interview Questionnaire (ICIQ)

ICIQ is your smart solution for proper classification, as it meets all current state and IRS standards and is frequently reviewed by our comprehensive team of tax and legal experts to ensure compliance with new regulations and case law.

It's often challenging to meet state and IRS standards for independent contractor classification and relying on computer algorithms, as many of our competitors do, can be risky. We believe a true evaluation should include high-touch human interaction in the form of a one-on-one interview between the independent contractor and one of our certified qualifications specialists. This is a proven method that's worked time and again for companies just like yours.

Furthermore, our company realizes that a one-time assessment at the start of an engagement does not ensure ongoing compliance. That's why we reassess the classification at various checkpoints throughout an assignment.

For resources that do not qualify for independent contractor status as defined by state and/or IRS standards, we offer services to assist the resource with becoming compliant or seamlessly transitioning to a W-2 status through our Employer of Record services.

Consolidated Vendor Model

Client Identified Non-Preferred Suppliers

Clients frequently use many smaller, non-preferred staffing suppliers for unique deliverables and access to niche workers. These non-preferred suppliers can be a vital part of a contingent labor program and a great way to get hiring manager buy-in. However, managing so many suppliers creates resource constraints for procurement, vendor management teams and Managed Service Providers.

In this scenario, hiring managers typically identify vital non-preferred suppliers and request prime staffing suppliers to sub-tier, which results in additional markup. With our Consolidated Vendor Model, we become the Agency of Record for these non-preferred suppliers—ensuring contract and rate compliance.

Supplier Rationalization

Companies also look to reduce their supply base through supplier rationalization. Having us serve as the Agency of Record for disenfranchised suppliers allows continuity of service until the assignments are complete.

Non-Preferred Supplier Sub-Tier

Non-preferred supplier arrangements can be alarming, as they're often comprised of multiple layers of sub-tier suppliers applying a wide range of markups. When the actual pay rate of a contingent labor resource is revealed, it becomes obvious that clients are overpaying for talent.

In these instances, we form direct relationships with the suppliers employing the resources, thus flattening the supply chain to realize immediate cost savings.

“Rogue” Spend

Getting hiring managers on board with a contingent workforce management program can be challenging. Change management and education aren't always enough, as there are often employees intent on working outside the program—bringing in contingent resources under statement-of-work contracts when they should be staff augmentation. Such steps may be taken to avoid tenure or headcount limitations or to allow the ability to utilize non-preferred suppliers.

Whatever the case, we offer consulting services that pinpoint the root cause of rogue spend and bring that spend into program compliance—organizing your program, helping you pre-identify proven talent and saving you money.