Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Whether you need to hand off all HR functions for a dozen contingent workers or get an extra hand to manage 1,200 contractors and consultants, you've come to the right place. As the legal employer of your temporary workers, we absorb potential liability and can own—and simplify—all of your contingent workforce management or individual parts like employee screening, onboarding, payrolling and W-2 issuance. Either way, pass it to us and gain more time to focus on your bottom line.

Here are some additional benefits you'll get from our Employer of Record services:

  • Simplicity with a complete platform for managing W-2 contingent labor talent
  • Risk mitigation thanks to co-employment indemnification
  • Ability to offer ACA-compliant health benefits and 401(k)
  • Compliance with all state mandatory sick leave programs
  • Compliance with federal, state and local employment taxes
  • High retention with consultancy care throughout the life cycle of assignments
  • Peace of mind because of HR and admin support, and strategic quarterly reviews

Tenure Transition Program

Many of our clients determine tenure limits for their contingent workers through staffing agencies. Sometimes, clients receive tenure discounts or terminate assignments once limits are reached. That's not ideal because the discounts offer minimal reward, and assignment terminations are not always the right business solution.

Because of that, we launched the Tenure Transition Program, where you can transition your tenured contingent workforce to us at a significantly reduced "payrolling" rate. This has a few major benefits:

  • Cost savings - elimination of overcompensation for recruiting efforts
  • Ability to continue good-standing partnerships with staffing agencies
  • Option of continuing to employ your top W-2 contingent workers


Often, clients look for ways to re-engage their familiar and proven talent, or, as we like to call it, pre-identified talent. What we do, is partner with you to develop a private, pre-identified talent pool consisting of alumni, referrals and previous client-sourced individuals, all of whom are ready to be re-engaged for work at any time.

Here's how it works:

  1. Certain W-2 and 1099 contingent labor talent is invited to join your private talent community, where they can access your requisition process.
  2. Prior to supplier requests, we match the best-fitting talent to open requisitions, submit candidates through your process, and coordinate interviews and offer acceptances. Once an offer is accepted, we serve as the Employer of Record or Agency of Record.
  3. At the completion of an assignment, the known talent will have access to all open positions and the ability to re-engage with your company.

It's that simple, and offers numerous benefits:

  • Quick re-engagement of known talent that can hit the ground running
  • Reduced time to fill needs
  • Significant cost savings over staffing agency recruited workers
  • Compliance and engagement process efficiency

Transition Expertise

While transitioning your contingent workforce to a full-service payroll provider may seem daunting, it actually isn't—our structured transition management program makes it a breeze. We'll provide the technology and do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring minimal disruption and high adoption with company leaders and pre-identified contingent labor talent.

Not to mention, you'll have an expert project management team to oversee the entire transition, ready to provide updates and answer questions along the way.

This solution includes unique features and benefits:

  • Dedicated Project Manager – Your team will get a single point of contact who streamlines all communication.
  • Proprietary Discovery Process – You'll be part of a project kick-off meeting where we mutually develop a “Discovery Workbook," which details the current state, potential pitfalls and readiness for change. From there, we develop a customized change management plan and tailored communications roadmap.
  • Concierge-Style Onboarding – A devoted onboarding specialist will walk the pre-identified contingent labor workers through the process. We can also provide an on-site onboarding team to conduct information sessions and provide continuing support.